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SEED KIT*  Putting seeds in the hands of your students or staff! These seed kits are designed for seed examination and exploration. Each kit is presented in a convenient hinged aluminum case. Seeds are encased in a 33mm glass-topped aluminum container. You can either purchase the prepared set of 10 or 20 Canadian cereals and oilseeds, or you can request a custom set of seeds.Kits come in sets of 10 or 20 different seeds of your choice and can be provided with text or pictorial legend. Activity ideas are also provided with each order. Cost based on your selections.

Domestic sales of seed sets will all be live seed (with the exception of hemp seed). International shipments of seed are killed in order to meet export regulations.

FLASH CARDS* Bringing awareness to where their food comes from and what shapes it takes along the way! Kit includes picture flashcards of a seed, the plant which develops from the seed and the end food product that is produced. Making the connection between students and their food!

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