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2-Day Seed School

It is with great pleasure that the Canadian Seed Growers Association(CSGA), with the assistance of Field to Fork AgriSystems, presents to the seed industry the first series of professional development courses focussed on Seed! These courses are presented by professionals in the agricultural industry with extensive knowledge in both the seed industry and adult learning technologies.

Each program will be customized to your needs, both content and duration, based on a needs assessment completed by you! Let your staff become empowered so they can appropriately represent you to your current and potential clients. Create an environment in which your people know more about each other’s strengths, enabling them to work as a team.

Each session will include hands-on seed study interactive instruction on seed issues as well as group activities
and presentations. Don’t wait! Take this opportunity now and give your staff the advantage of knowledge! To arrange a Seed School session please contact CSGA Member Services Coordinator, Caroline Lafontaine at (613) 236-0497 ext. 225 or by email at


Seeds of Knowledge Online Education Program

Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA) and F2F AgriSystems Consulting are proud to present the Seeds of Knowledge education program for High School, Junior High and Elementary School systems. These modules provide teachers across Canada with resources and activities related to seeds and their role in our lives. Seeds of Knowledge is designed with the teachers in mind, developed to reflect the varying Canadian science curricula, providing resources and activities that are easily applied to their current requirements. Our goal is to make it easy for teachers to explore seeds in their lessons and, through our children, improve our society’s knowledge about seed and its impact on our world!

Free materials for teachers include lesson plans and instructor notes, hands-on activities for elementary classes through to lab materials and preparatory instruction for high school classes, and fun class projects that brings the world of seed into the hands of our children! All program materials are available online and can be accessed free for educators by contacting Treasa at .