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Treasa PauleyTreasa PauleyTreasa Pauley, M.Sc. - President

Treasa has been a professional within the Canadian AgriFood industry for over two decades. Her formal training includes a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in Plant Physiology. Treasa started her career in agriculture as the Horticulture Specialist for Northern Nova Scotia. During this time she also acquired training in the development of HACCP programs, group facilitation, and sales.

Treasa has extensive expertise at the post-harvest and processor level. She has worked on almost all levels of the value chain from primary production to the development of marketing strategies for processed products including the development of new product lines and packaging. Treasa is trained and has years of experience in the development and maintenance of food safety programs both on-farm and at HACCP approved processing facilities.

Treasa thrives on the exchange of knowledge among industry stakeholders for the benefit of all.

Katherine BenedictKatherine BenedictKatherine Benedict, M.Sc. - Field Services Manager

Growing up in a farming community has provided Katherine with the roots and passion to thrive as a professional in the agri-food Industry. Her formal training includes both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Agriculture. Katherine’s work experiences range from a lifetime of primary agriculture production (dairy, poultry, field cropping, fruit and vegetable production) to academia and R&D positions.  Katherine’s career in agriculture has given her the opportunity to bring farmers and researchers together to help build environmentally, economically and socially sustainable food production systems.

Katherine has field level experience in the production of many field, fruit and vegetable crops with a keen interest in wild blueberry production. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the application of farm management software (production and financial), metrological data applications, nutrient management planning, Global Position Systems/Global Information Systems and some drone applications in the field. Applying technology in agriculture systems is an area that is of particular interest to her and is passionate about exploring with clients.

Whether it is walking a field scouting for pests, or developing predictive models to optimize production, Katherine is driven to learn and share new techniques and information to help build safe and sustainable agriculture systems.

Dr. Claude CaldwellDr. Claude CaldwellDr. Claude D. Caldwell, Ph.D. - Chief Scientific Officer

Claude has been working in Agriculture in Canada since 1980 when he started with Agriculture AgriFood Canada in Lacombe Alberta. He has spent the past 25 years as a researcher, teacher and extension specialist in Canada specializing in cereals and oilseeds. Originally trained in the United Kingdom as a biophysicist and crop physiologist, Claude has worked extensively in a variety of cropping systems, development of new agricultural technologies, new crop development, agricultural ecosystems and has been actively involved in germplasm development for almost 30 years.

Dr. Caldwell has supervised many graduate students in varied aspects of plant culture and management and international cropping systems. His present research focuses on new oilseed product development, cereals and Christmas Trees! His international experience involves work in China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, The Gambia, Cambodia and Ethiopia. Dr. Caldwell brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for new ventures to the company.

Dr. Iain CaldwellDr. Iain CaldwellDr. Iain R. Caldwell, Ph.D. - Research Associate - Big Data / Analytics / Statistician

Iain has been involved in agricultural research since 1999 when working with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (now Dalhousie University) on apple rootstocks and training systems in Canada. In 2003 and 2004 he worked as an agricultural research technician in Alberta comparing yields of a variety of field crops. Other agricultural projects he has been involved with include research on environmentally friendly agricultural technology, genetically modified food, biocontrol methods to control ginseng diseases, and comparisons of apple and soybean variety yields in Nova Scotia.

Iain’s formal training includes a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia, working in the area of marine studies. Through his formal training and various research projects, Iain has experience working with a variety of stakeholders (including academics, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, and commercial growers), and has developed particularly valuable expertise in reviewing research literature, statistical design and analysis. Iain's specialty is in statistical modelling and analysis and is one of few that is trained in the analysis of global data systems, evaluating research data from around the world.